119 Forest Drive

Methven, New Zealand

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

About Me


in garage working


I work pretty much full-time in my Methven studio, making ceramic beads. I love the whole process, first taking the raw, soft clay and forming it into shapes, then the alchemist feeling of firing it at high temperatures to completely change its properties. I love using colours, with pigmented clay, underglazes, glazes and finally lustres to see what magic may or may not happen as the possibilities combine. To me it is an exciting process and one that really lets me explore my creativity. I am always taking risks and there is always the potential for surprises. My heart always beats a little faster when it is time to open the kiln because I just never know what beauty I might behold….



My creativity is integral to who I am. I need to use it often to feel alive. My art practice helps me to understand my own thoughts and my intuition. In some ways it is like a meditative practice for me and other ways it is just plain fun.



 I get great pleasure out of knowing that others enjoy my work, and deeply honoured when they feel motivated to use it in their own creative expressions.


 This is me applying lustre. I have to do it outside and wear a gas mask!


I live in Methven, New Zealand with my photographer husband Bill. You can see his work at www.billirwinarts.com  We love to travel and spend time with our grown sons, daughter-in-law and our small grandchildren. I also really love walking, hiking, bike riding and growing vegetables.